Friday, November 19, 2010

So Fast

Let's get real. I have not done this even remotely as frequently as I had originally intended. I apologize to any of you who were anxiously waiting for this to be posted on a more than an every, now and then basis.
So, here I am closing in on only one week left. Even as I typed that, I felt myself tense a little. I love this country so much. I have experienced things I never thought I would be able to do. I have had so many opportunities that I am so thankful for. God was really looking out for me when he put me down here. I have made some amazing friends, and I literally think I have the best family I could have gotten.
Along with all this, I have been trying to maximize all of the time I have left here. Essentially, that means constantly I want to adventure, as well as do all those things I have grown to love & want to do just one more time before I leave. All of this is somewhat exhausting, but I can say that I have loved every moment of being here. I definitely don't take it for granted that I am here.
I still have revelations of "wow, I really am living in Costa Rica" all the time. I look around me at the mountains and the beautiful skies and the crazy rainforest trees and I am reminded of how cool this really is.
[Update on the bucket list] I have now surfed, crossed a HUGE swinging bridge & went behind a waterfall.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Whole New World

I have been in Costa Rica for a little more than three months now, and I still feel like all the time I am seeing new things, even in places I have been multiple times before. I can appreciate so many things here, that I wonder if I would ever even notice in the states. Here adventures are so easy to have. I can hop on a bus and see where it goes, I can take a bus to the rainforest, or to the beach, or to a volcano all just to see what's there. I love this country and all that's inside it.
Even walking, it seem like I enter new worlds just with a turn of a corner. There are so many areas and different places to go and see. Each day I feel like I experience a whole new world.