Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reverse the Culture Shock?

I've been back in the country for a little over a month. I think this is my transition phase of writing. I plan on switching gears. Maybe I'll change the name of the blog and all that. This are all just random ideas floating around in my head. When you study abroad, you have these orientations and meetings that you are required to attend, and in each of them, I think the sole purpose is to scare you into submission and doing exactly as they expect you to do as you are abroad and upon return as well. They give you diagrams of the ways your emotions and thoughts should flow. They tell stories and have you read articles of the most extreme, horrible, terrifying cases ever. You literally read the cases and wonder what caused the people to react the way they did. Maybe that is a harsh stance on this issue, but it is truly shocking what cases they have documented.
All this to say, I am back in America, and I feel like being a journalism student, I have a responsibility to write at least a little something every once and a while.
I am trying to come up with an interesting story since I have been back. I have had some great adventures back here in the states. I have been to the concrete jungle (yes, NYC), snowboarding, Grimsley (where my grandparents live) and lots of time in Knoxville. School has started back and I don't feel like it should be yet, despite the fact I have had an extremely long Christmas break.
So, as I start back with school, hopefully I can adjust to school and all that. I'm back in the states though, so feel free to stop on by the house, give me a call, text whatever. Welp, over and out.

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