Monday, August 23, 2010

Through Tica Eyes

If ya'll didn't know, Costa Rican people are called Ticos. That is the first lesson of today. As for the rest of stuff, I decided to just share some information about what I see on a daily basis. Number 1. Driving around on the streets everywhere are Toyota Land Cruisers. They are the coolest cars ever! When asked what car I would be for an interview I said a Toyota Land Cruiser. They are so amazing. They come in a variety of colors and styles, which now it sounds like I am talking about fashion but really they are cars and I suppose I should really say models. Either way, their coolness factor is way high. I really want to own one. I should just drive back to the States come the end of November, and then I would have the coolest car ever made, and I would say my car came from Costa Rica, which is another element of the awesome scale. Number 2. I see countless rat tails on a daily basis. No, not the real tail of the little varmints, but the kind of hairstyle Luke Skywalker had. I don't know if they are trying to use the force or what, but guys and girls alike rock the rat tails. Some are braided, some have beads, some are a dread; either way rat tails are not a thing of the past or just from movies from really far in the future, or the past or whatever fictitious world Star Wars was made in. Number 3. I see crazy drivers. The people driving here are insane. The honking of horns is like its own language. I hate when people honk. Here it's like a way to communicate all kinds of things. People honk to tell them to go thru the stop sign, they tell them to go in front of them, they tell pedestrians not to walk because they will mow you over, the taxis honk to tell you they are coming so if you want to get in. It is truly a language all of it's own. It is really crazy. Also, if there is a line of buses and one is not going, every single bus honks and ever car following in that line the entire time. It is insane. I hope all these things have given you a little insight into just the average day of a Tica. Well, me trying to infiltrate the Tica world.

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