Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life in the Big City

So here I am in San Jose, Costa Rica. I have been here for 2 days (almost), and so far I am highly exhausted. I am safe and sound in my hotel room, and I will be meeting my family tomorrow. (They won't actually be living inside the city) We have had orientations and we will continue to have them all this week. We have walked around the city a lot. As I walked I noted several things about this city. There are birds EVERYWHERE. Pigeons are not a joke running around like ants do at home. They are everywhere!!! I hate birds for all of you who have somehow missed this in my life. I have jumped from them and have ducked as they fly around just above my head. A bird pooped right in front of me as I was walking and that will just not be ok with me if something from the sky drops & hits me. I think I may end up drop kicking a bird by the end of this trip. Next thing. There is NO DEW down here. I have a minor liking to Diet Mountain Dew & there is not a Dew to be found down here. They have Pepsi products, but not Dew. Bad news. I may or may not write on here again this week mainly just because I may or may not have internet in my home when I get there tomorrow afternoon. Anyway- Over & Out from CR.

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